Mother Praises ‘OfferUp’ App For Selling Couch, Table, Son

IRVINE – Expressing  joy with making extra cash off her belongings, mother Linda Meriwether credited the used item selling app ‘OfferUp’ for selling her couch, table, and son.

“OfferUp was exactly what I was looking for,” Meriwether said. “Nobody ever sits on the couch, the table’s not my style, and my son really isn’t the kind I wanted.”

Meriwether said she easily sold her couch and table. However, since the orphanage doesn’t take returns, selling her son Ethan was a challenge.

“I originally listed him for $50, but nobody would bite. Since I had a low view count on my Ethan item, I used the ‘bump’ feature to place him at the top of the feed. Within minutes, some guy in the Philippines made an offer for $30.”

“To deliver Ethan to the buyer, I used OfferUp’s handy new shipping option. All I had to do was cover him in bubble wrap, place him in a shipping box, and duck tape it shut. Four days later, it arrived by airdrop in Mandaluyong!”

Meriwether says she learned that quality is the number one factor, stating, “Luckily, the couch and table were still in great shape. Unfortunately, since Ethan has red hair, I had to settle for a lower price.”

Meriwether advises those thinking about trying OfferUp to take a long, hard look at your belongings/family members and decide which items you can do without.