L’Oreal Introduces New Triple Protection Pubic Hair Coloring Kit


CLICHY, FRANCE—Appealing to those with greying hairs or who just want to try a new color, cosmetics company L’Oreal Paris debuted a new series of triple protection pubic hair coloring kits to their fall catalogue, sources confirmed.

“Whether you’re a blonde that’s always wanted to go black or a brunette looking to add streaks of red, our new series, Pubíque, is invigorated with ceramide and hints of pro-keratin to give you the rich, radiant pubes you’ve always dreamed of,” said L’Oreal Paris spokesperson Claire Selinsky, noting that its trademark blend of hyaluronic acid will prevent split ends while simultaneously providing multi-faceted, shimmering color.

“Guaranteed to strengthen each pube follicle from root to tip, our product is perfect for everyone with thick and curly to straight and thinning hair profiles. Pubíque is for those who dare to dream. Be bold. Be brave. Show the world what you’re made of with vibrant saffron or mysterious jet black pubes that make the rest stop and stare. What are you waiting for?” Selinsky went on.

Selinsky also suggested that those who enjoyed their new color might also enjoy L’Oreal’s new slick and shiny pube styling gel.

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