911 Operator Going To Put You On Hold For Just One Moment


THOUSAND OAKS – Saying the line is busy, 911 operator Sandra Kaminski reportedly asked if she could put you on hold for just one moment.

“Hi, this is 911. Can you hold?” Kaminski asked, noting it would just be one moment while your refrigerator continued crushing you from the neck down.

Before you could respond, Kaminski proceeded to put you on hold where you were pleasantly greeted by a blend of smooth jazz with harmonic bass guitar riffs as the thought seeped in that you would probably never walk again.

“Thank you for calling 911. This is Sandra, how may I help you?” she answered right when you were about to hang up and try again in five minutes.

After stating your condition, the operator repeated your emergency back “just to double-check.” “Okay, so I have two broken legs, a ruptured spleen, and a full rack of broken ribs. Your ambulance will be ready in 15-20 minutes. The total is $9,075.81.”

Later, a nurse printed out your receipt, highlighted a portion at the bottom, and asked you to fill out an online survey rating their performance to win a $25 Kaiser Permanente gift card.