Kylie Jenner Rises From Destitute Millionaire Family To Become Billionaire

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HIDDEN HILLS, CA—Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner made history this week by becoming the youngest billionaire in history despite coming from a mediocre millionaire heritage.

“It was hard growing up,” Jenner said. “I didn’t always get the Rolex or velour handbag I wanted, but my parents made sure I had the bare necessities: an Amex Black Card and personal driver.”

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Jenner described the cramped, barely hospitable 15,000 square foot mansion with 2 pools and 4 butlers she grew up in as motivation to beat the odds and escape the slums of the 35% tax bracket.

“I was just a girl with a dream and a multi-million dollar trust fund,” Jenner recalled. “If I ever wanted to be successful, I knew I had to buckle down and work hard every other day.”

Jenner went on to explain how her grim childhood memories of a meager $3000 allowance continue to drive her through a grueling 2-hour workweek. “Whenever I think about giving up, I just think back to those dark days of flying First Class commercial,” Jenner said. “It always makes me calm down, remember where I came from, and have my assistant take care of it.”

Fortunately, the money hasn’t gone to her head. Sources close to Jenner report she will be starting a charity this summer to help fight the ongoing single car garage epidemic.

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